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Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal India - Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal Travel- Taj Mahal Information - Tajmahal India
History of Taj Mahal - History of Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal India History - Taj Mahal History
Taj Mahal Facts - Facts on Taj Mahal India - Information on Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal Trivia
Mumtaz Mahal
Mumtaz Mahal - Mumtaz Mahal Life History - Mumtaj Mahal Biography - Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan - Shah Jahan Life History - Shah Jahan Biography - Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan
Tour Packages
India Tour Packages - India Travel Packages
How To Reach
How to Reach Taj Mahal - Reaching Taj Mahal Agra - Traveling To Taj Mahal India
Best Time To Visit
Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal - Best Season for Taj Mahal Visit - When to Visit Taj Mahal Agra
Taj Mahal Timings - Timings of Taj Mahal Agra - Timing for Visiting Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Location - Location of Taj Mahal Agra - Where is Taj Mahal India - Where is Taj Mahal Located
Nearby Attractions
Attractions Near Taj Mahal Agra - Tourist Places Near Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal Story
Taj Mahal Story - Love Story Behind Taj Mahal Agra - The True Story of Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal Architecture
Taj Mahal Architecture - Architecture of Taj Mahal Agra - Design and Layout of Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Calligraphy
Taj Mahal Calligraphy - Calligraphy of Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal Inscriptions and Calligraphy
Taj Mahal Impressions
Taj Mahal Impressions - Impressions of Taj Mahal - Famous Sayings about Taj Mahal
Main Gateway
Taj Mahal Main Gateway - Main Gateway of Taj Mahal - Gateway to the Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal Mosque - Mosque in Taj Mahal Agra - Masjid of Taj Mahal India
Night At Taj
Taj Mahal Night Tour - A Night at Taj Mahal - How to Spend a Night at Taj Jahan
Inside Taj
Inside The Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal Inside Look - Interiors of Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal from Inside
Rest House
Taj Mahal Rest House - Rest House in Taj Mahal Agra - Taj Mahal Naqqar Khana
Taj Garden
Taj Mahal Gardens - Gardens of Taj Mahal Agra - Charbagh Garden of Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahotsav
Taj Mahotsav Agra, India
Water Devices
Water Devices at Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal Water Devices - Water Devices in Taj Mahal Garden
Day At Taj
A Day at Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal Day Tour - How to Spend a Day at Taj
Taj Mahal Legends - Myths about Taj Mahal Agra - Legends of Taj Mahal India
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
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Leh Ladakh Tour - Leh Ladakh Trekking Tour Package Planning India Tour ? Click Here Taj Mahal India Home History Facts Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahan Tour Packages Home History Facts Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahan Tour Packages How To Reach Best Time To Visit Trans Zanskar trekking tour is for the adventurers and takes you to the rugged terrain of Ladakh. Taj Mahal: Tour Packages: Leh Ladakh Tour Leh Ladakh Tour Destination: Delhi - Bilaspur - Mandi - Manali - Darcha - Palamo - Zanskar - Sumdo - Chuminakpo - Lukung - Kurgiakh - Shi - Purne - Phugtal - Gyalbokh - Raru - Mone - Padam -Karsha - Rinam - Pissu - Hanumil - Parfila - Snertse - Hanumi La - Lengshed - Foot Of Shinge La - Photoskar - Sisir La Hanupatta - Shilla - Lamayuru - Leh - Agra Duration: 29 Days/ 28 Nights Day 01: Delhi At your inrush in Delhi, you will be received by our representatives who will squire you with the inrush formalities. You will check-in to a hotel where without relaxing for a while, you will be taken on a tour of the municipality during which you will visit the Red Fort, Jama Masjid which is India's biggest mosque, Raj Ghat, Shantivan, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, India Gate and Laxmi Narayan Temple. Furthermore, you will moreover momentum past some important buildings such as President House and the Parliament House. Day 02: Delhi - Bilaspur You'll be driven to Bilaspur, which is situated 400 kms yonder from Delhi. Bilaspur is famous for its art, tradition and culture. Situated at the heart of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the major tourist destinations in India. Our executive will receive you at Bilaspur and will help you trammels in to a hotel for an overnight stay. Day 03: Bilaspur - Mandi - Manali You will be driven to Manali which is a famous hill station of India. On your way to Manali you will come wideness flipside famous tourist spot Mandi, which literally ways market. Turning when the pages of history, you will find that the place was an important stopover on the Salt Route to Tibet. En route, you would moreover visit Bajaura Temples defended to Lord Shiva. The temple is embellished with wonderful scarification in stone and sculptural decorations some of which, unfortunately had been mutilated, probably in an invasion in 1769-70. Day 04: Manali - Darcha From Manali, we momentum to Darcha which is remoter 180 kms away. Darcha is a hamlet with a total population of 298. It has only vital suavities and the tourists who visit Darcha stay in temporary shelters and tents, but the view of the mountains and terrains from here is heavenly. From Darcha, you move remoter to Rohtang Pass and zany overnight in a tent. Day 05: Darcha - PalamoWithouthaving a sumptuous breakfast, get geared up for day five marks the start of the venturesome and thrilling trekking expedition. You will alimony on trekking for a while, till you reach flipside hamlet.Remotermoving on a footpath you will come wideness a trappy gorge.Withoutpassing the gorge you will enter into a camping site, where you will spend the rest of the day and night in a tent. Day 06: Palamo - Zanskar - Sumdo You will protract your trekking pursuit the undertow from the camping site. You will follow the track on the left side of the river passing through the rocky path with big boulders and moraines. You will navigate streams increasingly than once though as there is no straight path on either side of the stream.Withouta while, you will reach Zanskar Sumdo the camping site for the night. You'll zany there overnight. Day 07: Zanskar - Sumdo - ChuminakpoProtractthe trekking regimen until you reach the cliff of the mountain. Thereafter, you will navigate a rope underpass hanging over a mountain river to start a steep climb up.Protractto climb up for a short while, followed by a trek on a narrow valley until you reach Ramjak, which is a small meadow. You will be camping overnight at Chuminakpo, which is a little remoter from Ramjak. Day 08: Chuminakpo - Lukung You'll be climbing a zigzag track through the moraine, ice and snow up to Shingo-La this morning. Thereafter, you will descent through steep path through ice and snow. As the path is too steep, mules and horses won't be available. As you ripen from the steep path, you will reach a small meadow, Lukung, wherein you would sooner zany overnight. Day 09: Lukung - Kurgiakh - Shi This would be an heady day, for you would get an opportunity to trek both uphill and downhill. You will navigate a underpass over a river and follow a path with a mass of fallen rocks. Besides the river, you will visit a number of streams and rope bridges during your trekking regimen. You will moreover pass underneath the squatter of Gumburanjon peak, which is a famous spot for trekkers and waddle climbers. You will zany in a tent for overnight stay. Day 10: Shi - Purne The day is solely reserved for trekking as you will spend most of the time trekking throughout the day.Withoutbreakfast, you will protract on the right side of the river withal an easy path. On your trekking regimen, you will pass a number of small villages that boast of spectacular mountain views and diverse cultures. You will climb up the gentle slope towards the village Jal and thereafter steep descent towards a underpass for Purne. You will stay at the tent overnight. Day 11: Purne - Phugtal - Gyalbokh The day is reserved to visit Pughtal Gompa, one of the oldest monasteries in Zanskar and spectacularly located. You'll pass through a narrow valley and the splendid gorge. Crossing over the bridge, you will come to a small plateau sprinkled with chortens and religious banners. Soak in the visceral kicks for later during the day you would be taken when to Purne.Remotertrekking up on the left wall of Tsarap River without crossing the bridge, you'll reach Gyabokh, the overnight campsite. Day 12: Gyalbokh - Raru A super duper venturesome day ahead, day twelve gives you a endangerment to conquer the difficult terrains of Himalayas. These stretches are difficult for the mules and horses to traverse.Withouttrekking for a while you will reach a small plateau from where you can have a squint at the trappy and mesmerizing view of the mountain ranges. From here, you will descend into a hamlet named Raru, which will be your camping site for the night. Day 13: Raru - Mone - Padam From Raru, you will remoter trek lanugo to a small motor-able road, trekking on which you will reach a small village tabbed Mone. Mone is a small village with just the vital suavities and quite low population, but the place is rich in cultural heritage and tribal handicrafts. Trekkers visit a Buddhist Gompa there and get blessings from the monks for rest of the trek.Remoteryou will visit Bardan Gompa which is situated on mountain plateau.Withoutit you will victorious at Padam the wanted of Zanskar where two rivers Doda and Tsarap join to form Zanskar River. You will zany overnight here. Day 14: Padam Finally, without the tiring days of trekking and mountaineering comes a relaxing day of the tour. Day fourteenth is totally at your discern; so you can do whatever you please. You can either laze virtually or spend the day sightseeing important sites or can tour the city's monasteries. Furthermore, you can shop for souvenirs or handicraft items and traditional Leh apparels. Day 15: Padam - Karsha - Rinam You will leave Padam and throne towards Pipiting. Through Pipiting you will follow a dusty plain path which leads to Doda River. Crossing the underpass on Doda River, you would sooner reach Karsha Monastery, which dates when to the 16th century. It is one of the largest and wealthiest monasteries in Zanskar. From here, you will trek downhill on a plain path to Rinam where you will zany overnight. Day 16: Rinam - Pissu Post breakfast starts flipside episode of trekking. On this day, you would be trekking on easy yet hot and dusty stretches. You will be exploring the banks of Zanskar and without pursuit it for quite some time you will trek withal a small stream where without a while you will reach a small shelter worked by rocks. You can relax for a while here and succeeding you will be camping here for overnight stay. Day 17: Pissu - HanumilWithoutthe breakfast early in the morning you will be pursuit the left wall of the Zanskar River. The path withal the river is quite easy to trek, at times you will be forced to leave the wall and tread the rest of trekking path wideness the moraine plateau.Withouttrekking during the day you will stay in a tent overnight. Day 18: Hanumil - Purfila - Snertse From this day, the trekking path takes yonder from Zanskar River. Don't get gloomy, for you will be climbing up to Parfi-La, which is one of the most popular destinations of Leh.Withoutrelaxing for a while here you will descend towards the Oma-Chu River.Navigatethe Oma-Chu River with the help of a underpass and without it climb up a sandy slope for half a kilometer to reach the sheepfolds of Snertse. Day 19: Snertse - Hanumi La - Lengshed You will trek a long gradual escalade towards Hanumi-La.Withoutthe long trek to the top of Hanumi-La, you will descend lanugo for well-nigh a 1000 mts and climb uphill then well-nigh 400 mts withal the mountainside.Withoutcrossing a small pass you just need to descend an easy path to Lingshed. Upon reaching Lingshed, relax for a while and enjoy the weather and the scenic eyeful of the place. You will zany in Lingshed overnight. Day 20: Lingshed - Foot of Shinge LaWithoutbreakfast in Lingshed you will leave the place and climb to Murgam-La. Afterwards, you will pass an escarpment without which you will trek downhill for a while. You will be treading remoter downhill towards the villages named Gongma and Skiumpata. You will relax here for a while then later you will trudge a steep climb to Kiupa-la. Upon reaching Kripa-La, you will trek withal the mountainside to reach the Foothill of Shinge-la where you will zany overnight. Day 21: Foot of Shinge La - PhotoskarWithoutfinishing breakfast you will tread a long climb to Shinge-La and then later, descend to a wholesale valley.WithoutShinge-la you will be trekking a gentle climb towards Bhumiktse-la; during the trek you can view the magnificent scenes of the mountains and valleys.Withoutreaching Bhumiktse-la, you will descend towards Photoskar, which is as small but splendid village. You will be camping at Photoskar for an overnight stay. Day 22: Photoskar - Sisir La Hanupatta The day starts with a gentle climb up to a large chorten where you will witness meditating Buddhists. Thereafter, you will trek uphill to Sisir-La. Later during the day, you will trek downhill till you reach the banks of Hanupatta River. By the river is situated a small village of the same name. You will be camping at the Hunapatta Village for the overnight. Day 23: Hanupatta - Shilla During the day, you will be trekking lanugo from Hanupatta on a slope till you reach a gorge and a underpass which spans the junction of two rivers. Later, you will tread a rocky path to reach Phenjilla which is one of the less traveled paradises of India.WithoutPhenjilla the path for trekking is rather smooth, you will be trekking a motor-able road to Wanla where you will be camping in tents for the overnight. Day 24: Shilla - Lamayuru - Leh This will be the last day of trekking. You will pass many famous trekking spots. While trekking you will pass the Shilla village to navigate Prinkiti-la, which is flipside likely destination for mountain climbing. Later during the day, you will trek a long way to reach Lamayuru. You will be visiting the famous monastery and will later on momentum to Leh. Day 25: Leh You will be visiting a number of old Buddhist monasteries, namely Shey, Tikse and Hemis, each one of which is a piece of art, as the carvings and paintings on the walls and ceilings are incomparable. Hemis is the most important Gompa in Ladakh. It is moreover much renowned worldwide for the Hemis Festival. Later during the day, you will momentum when to Leh where you will be staying at a hotel overnight. Day 26: Leh - DelhiWithouthaving breakfast at the hotel early in the morning, you will be driven to the airport from where you will workbench a flight to reach Delhi. As soon as you reach Delhi, you will be received by our representative at the Delhi Airport, who will help you with the inrush formalities.Withoutthe formalities at the airport, the representative will momentum you to a hotel where you will stay for rest of the night. Day 27: Delhi - AgraWithouthaving breakfast at the hotel you will be driven to the next tour destination, Agra, which is situated 210 kms from Delhi. While on your route to visit the Taj Mahal, you will be visiting Sikandara Fort, which is the last resting place of Emperor Akbar. Later you will visit the magnificent Taj Mahal, which was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of his minion wife Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj Mahal till stage is the symbol of eternal love on the banks of the Yamuna River. Next, you would be taken to Red Fort and the famous tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daulah, who was the father-in-law of the emperor Jahangir. You'll be staying at a hotel overnight. Day 28: Agra - DelhiWithouthaving breakfast, at the hotel you will be driven when to Delhi. Our representative will receive you when you reach Delhi. You will be escorted to a hotel where you will stay overnight. Nothing major is planned for the day, so you can spend it as you like. Day 29: Delhi The tour finally ends on the twenty-ninth day when you would be driven to the international airport. From Delhi IGI Airport, you will be boarding flights to your respective destinations. 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